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The Kullaleden Trail

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Around the Kulla Peninsula - This 70 kilometer trail will take you to the western point of Skåne, the Kulla peninsula.

The medieval city of Helsingborg is the point of departure. The trail passes Sofiero Castle to the north, and crosses Höganäs toward the harbor city of Mölle. This point has a beautiful view of the nature of the Kullaberg area. The path continues to the east with a hilly descent to Arild, and then through Jonstorp, with a view of the Bjäre Peninsula, and on to destination Utvälinge in the Skälderviken Bay. Various attractive hotels and guesthouses of different types are located along the route. You will also find shelters and BBQ pits. Routes are very clearly marked. The route is easily accessible for the disabled. With its astonishing vistas, picturesque villages along the coast, and impressive cliffs, the Kullaleden is very much worth the hike.

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